Excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis, and involves overactive sweat glands.

What causes excess sweating?
This common problem affects millions of people around the world. Science has discovered that not only high temperature and stressful situations, excessive sweating is also an inherited trait.

What does hyperhidrosis treatment involve?
The injection treatment is a non surgical procedure where a small amount of fluid is administered into the skin of the arm pit using a very fine needle. The procedure takes around 20 minutes. Discomfort is minimal and generally brief.

Normal activities may resume soon after, and the treatment will start to be effective about 7 days later.

How does hyperhidrosis work?
The injected solution used to treat under arm sweating works by targeting sweating at the source. The solution enters the specific gland in the underarm responsible for excessive sweating. It then blocks the chemical that is released to the body to produce perspiration.

What solution is used to treat under arm sweating?
Unfortunately in Australia the TGA restricts us from naming the product that we use. It is a purified protein that temporarily blocks the release of the chemical that causes perspiration.

It is a prescription only medicine and the treatment is only available from a Doctor or a Registered Nurse, working under the supervision of a doctor

How long does hyperhidrosis treatment last?
The treatment lasts any where from 7- 9 months. However this varies from person to person.


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