Ever looked in the mirror or at a recent photograph and wonder what happened to your youthful appearance? Our face and our skin often tell a different story to how we feel on the inside.

Stress and gravity increasingly causes our skin to look and feel tired as we age. Whether at work socializing or looking at our selves in the mirror, we want to look the best we can.

There are many options that have minimal or zero down time to help restore and maintain a youthful looking skin without taking excessive risks.

Wrinkle relaxant

Areas treated by wrinkle relaxant

  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Crows feet
  • Bunny lines wrinkly nose
  • Tired looking eyes or eye brows
  • Angry or stressed look

Due to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) we are unable to discuss the actual name of this product. The ingredient is a natural purified protein that helps to relax the muscle which causes the skin to wrinkle.

To achieve a younger more refreshed appearance this is the most popular non surgical cosmetic procedure.

Benefits of the wrinkle relaxer

  • Minimal down time
  • Proven safety
  • Affordable
  • Quick and simple
  • Fantastic results


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Meet the Team

Monique Powers Registered Nurse and Injector

Monique is a registered Nurse graduating from the University Technology Sydney.

Having been involved in extensive training of soft tissue injecting and Intense Pulse light therapy, Monique understands the need for people to feel comfortable to ask questions. It is her priority to tailor every consultation to your individual needs and requests.