1. Are anti wrinkle injection safe?

    Anti wrinkle injections are now the most popular cosmetic medical procedure in the world. In 2004 over 2.8 million cosmetic treatments were carried out. Anti wrinkle injections are also used I rehabilitating disabled children with cerebral palsy. It is also used to treat migraines and head aches and has impressive and well documented safety profile.
  2. How do anti wrinkle injections work?

    Anti wrinkle injections work by relaxing the muscle that causes wrinkles to form, and there for reduces the lines in general.
  3. How are anti wrinkle injections given?

    A great example of where anti wrinkle injections are given is as follows. The frown line between the eyes is caused by the action of a muscle called the corrugator. You can feel this muscle as a thickening just below the inside of your eye brows, injecting directly into the corrugator muscle stops your ability to draw down your eye brows together when you frown, resulting in the gradual fading of the line.
  4. How long does the treatment take?

    Anti wrinkle injections require a consultation with the Registered Nurse and/or Doctor to discuss options and areas of concern for the patient. The actual process takes only about 10 minutes.
  5. Do the injections hurt?

  6. Because the needle is so fine and such a small amount of solution is used, any pain experienced is usually described by patients as minimal and short lived.
  7. When will my anti wrinkle injections start to work?

    It takes approximately 5 days for the medicine to reach full effect causing the muscle to relax. The creases should start to smooth out in 1 or 2 weeks
  8. How long do the effects last?

    Anti wrinkle injections usually last 3-4 months, sometimes longer. However after receiving injections over time, there appears to be a longer lasting effect.
  9. What are the possible side effects from anti wrinkle injections?

  10. Side effects are rare. Some patients experience a head ache afterwards and some localized discomfort. Symptoms are generally mild and short in duration. Some times bruising may be associated with injections, these are also short lived and can be covered with makeup. In some rare cases patients can develop heaviness in their eyelids, however this can be treated by the nurse or the doctor.
  11. Will my facial expressions continue to look normal / natural?

    Although results are visible, a treatment will not radically change your appearance, or make you look like you have had “work done”. It will give you a refreshed appearance and people may comment on your hair or makeup or think that you have been on a holiday.
  12. What is the recovery time following a treatment?

    There is minimal down time following an anti wrinkle treatment. The area will be a little bit read however, this subsides within half an hour. You are able to return to your normal duties immediately after the procedure.

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