General Questions

How are other businesses providing cheaper products?

With any popular product that generates desirable results there will always be a price game - and like any substitute this may result in alternative products with poor quality results. We believe in not compromising quality and guarantee our products.

We are qualified medical professionals and specialise in these products alone therefore offer you the best available advice and care. Refer to the Price Promise (right) for more details.

I only want to work a small area and do not want to be talked into doing my whole face.

B-Rejuvenated are aware that some clinics are pushy and try and talk their clients in to services that they do not want. Here at B-Rejuvenated we are committed to individual concerns.

A small area that is a problem to you can be treated and provide dramatic results to the whole face.

I am under 30 is that too young to consider Anti-Aging?

At B-Rejuvenated we service clients from a wide range of age groups. Whilst we treat each customers individual concerns we do agree that the best time to start preventative treatments is before you have static lines, those that appear at rest as opposed to dynamic lines, those that appear with facial movement. If you are under 30 and are concerned that more permanent lines are appearing we can prevent those lines from becoming deeper, in some cases reverse those lines and restore smooth skin. 

I am over 60 and have many permanent lines- is it too late?

An individuals skin tone varies greatly and a particular age group is not an indication in itself of treatment. We can consider a variety of options that can restore structure and a smoother appearance to your skin. Many deep set lines may now be permanent but by limiting dynamic lines, those that appear with facial movement, will prevent further aging and provide a more youthful appearance. It is best to contact us directly so we can advise you accordingly.

I don’t want to end up looking “unnatural” or change my facial expressions? 

Although results are visible, a treatment will not radically change your appearance, or make you look like you have had “work done”. It will give you a refreshed appearance and people may comment on your hair or makeup or think that you have been on a holiday.

    My friend has been using injectables for a while now and she said that she needs to use them less as time goes on? Is that right?

    At B-Rejuvenated We Reward Commitment and believe that over time with commitment to regular treatments you will find the result will last longer. However if you were to go for extended periods between treatments, the muscles and skin will return to the way they were prior to the treatment.

    Product and Health Questions

    At B-Rejuvenated we are the Anti-Aging Specialist and dedicate our time and training to two authentic and genuine products. There are a lot of myths and mis-facts about facial treatments and anti-wrinkle injections. Please refer to the below two sections for more details or email us with any questions you may have.

    Anti-Wrinkle Injections

    - Excellent for crows feet, frown lines, forehead and other target areas.

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    Dermal Fillers

    Dermal fillers are used to replace the volume lost in wrinkles, lines and folds that appear at rest, rather than those that appear during facial expression.
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    Meet the Team

    Monique Powers Registered Nurse and Injector

    Monique is a registered Nurse graduating from the University Technology Sydney.

    Having been involved in extensive training of soft tissue injecting and Intense Pulse light therapy, Monique understands the need for people to feel comfortable to ask questions. It is her priority to tailor every consultation to your individual needs and requests.